WHO: Piotr Gniewek, Magdalena Alicja Jędrzejczyk
WHY: competition – honorable mention
WHERE: Warsaw
WHEN: 2015

There are situations in which a common, human act turns into a heroic deed. A simple gesture becomes unexpectedly the expression of great courage and bravery. It suddenly appears that the act of opening the door saves someone’s life. Seemingly trivial and inconsequential action becomes a symbol of great heroism and one’s sense of justice. Opening the door to somebody or not actually turns out to be a decision about one’s life or death. At the same time the rescuer by opening his door risks a lot, he puts at risk both his and his family members’ lives. Poles who rescued Jews during the German occupation did not only open their door but they opened their hearts to great suffering. The act of opening the door actually meant raising an objection to injustice and human tragedy.