I have mostly concentrated on small scale objects. I aim at simplicity. I have always been interested in simplicity conveyed by plain space and figurative representations. I believe that the presence of absence and a space without any distractions can unveil the beauty of architecture.

Extraordinary solutions are not only the result of knowledge and experience. Combining well known approaches is not an adventure in architecture. I belive that every creation needs a new way. Led by intuition, I explore a wide range of ideas and I look for simple and smart interpretations of these ideas.


I am an experienced architect and I constantly cooperate with architectual offices from Finland, Great Britain and Poland in the field of architecture, design and graphics. For the last six years I have worked on numerous designs from conceptual designs, technical drawings to realizations. During my career I have proved that I can work on very complex tasks, which demand a coordination between many specialists and companies. I have proved to have knowledge, skills and to be responsible during work as a part of bigger team or indyvidually.


architecture & design

I prize | MCM | Żelazowa Wola | 2018 |  Stelmach i Partnerzy – team member
I prize
| Centrum Przestrzeni Innowacyjnej SGH | Warsaw | 2017 | Stelmach i Partnerzy – team member
I prize
| Shopping Center Sun Plaza | Bucharest | 2017 | with Martin Thörnblom and Jakub Chojna
IV prize
| Sztuka w przestrzeni miejskiej | Opole | 2017
honorable mention
| FROM THOSE YOU SAVED | Warsaw | 2015
I prize | BASK workshop | Wroclaw | 2014
II prize | competition for a residentional building on ul. Pulawska | Warsaw | 2014
final | Piekary Śląskie bus station expansion | Piekary  Śląskie | 2014
III prize | Kreacje – realizacje, współczesne inspiracje modernizmem | Gdynia | 2013


final | Zamecznik NOW | Warsaw | 2012
Grand Prix Exklusiv Prize | Warsaw | 2012


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City Tales | V Weekend Architektury w Gdyni
City Tales | Architektura & Biznes


III 2016 | LA NARRATION DU QUOTIDIEN | forum d’architectures lausanne
XII 2015 | SYNCHRONICITY 2015: CONCRETUM | Biblioteka Publiczna m.st. Warszawy
IX  2014 | 4 Praga | Museum of Praga in Warsaw
XI  2013 | Kreacje i Realizacje | Pomorski Park Naukowo-Technologiczny in Gdynia
V   2013 | KONTEKST – Night of Museums | Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw



Agencja Rozwoju Gdyni
Avanto Architects
Burger Kitchen
Centrum Nauki Kopernik
Forum Kultury sp. z o.o.
ISK Architects
JAK sp. z o.o.
Luxon sp. z o.o.
Port u Wackow
Ranczo Aksamitka
Urzad Marszalkowski Wojewodztwa Warminsko-Mazurskiego
Zwiazek Harcerstwa Polskiego